Welcome to the Norwich G.R.E.E.N.S. Wikispace!

G.R.E.E.N.S. stands for Growing Resources for Education, Essential Needs and Service. We feel very strongly that good healthy food is an important resource in all communities and teaching children is an important first step to ensuring that a healthy community continues. Growing our own food is essential to the health of our country and our planet. Food that can be accessed locally saves fossil fuels and ensures that food is fresh and at optimum levels for consumption. The food we grow is shared with the gardeners that grow it (the students and their families) and the surplus is shared with the local community soup kitchen as part of the service component of the project. We are also very concerned about growing heirloom food to ensure plant diversity for the strength of our food future, offering plants and vegetables that are non-genetically modified organisms and in teaching all that we know to help others become as food independent as possible.

The garden has served as an outdoor classroom to more than 400 students at the John Moriarty School in an afternoon gardening club; it has been used by summer programs to promote literacy, practical math skills, research skills and community service in various forms. We have partnered with Hart's Greenhouse to create a new park in the city and supplied live table decor for the soup kitchen during holidays. This project truly grows each year.

Check out the Norwich G.R.E.E.N.S. brochure which explains our mission and what we hope to accomplish.

Click on the pages below for information on whats in the garden this year, what plants are being grown for sale and more fun photos, ideas and resources.

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